Travel Tips

Frequently Asked Questions: Cuba

  1. What documentation is needed to travel to Cuba?
    Passport and Visa.
  2. Are there any limitations on food and beverage consumption?
    It is important to drink only bottled or boiled water and avoid tap water and fountain drinks. It is wise to avoid raw vegetables, however, fruit that you peel yourself is considered safe to consume.
  3. What is the weather like in Cuba?
    Cuba enjoys a tropical climate with temperate weather year-round. Average high is 80˙ and average low is 65˙ Fahrenheit.
  4. Will my cell phone work in Cuba?
    Please check your carrier. A few U.S. based wireless carriers are now starting to offer roaming features in Cuba.
  5. What is the currency Conversation rate?
    As of January 2017, 1 Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is equal to 1 U.S. Dollar. Please note there is a 3% service fee to exchange foreign currency to CUCs and additional 10% (total of 13%) charge to convert USD.
  6. Is there Internet access available in Cuba?
    Internet access will be available (for an additional cost) at both hotels, however service can be extremely slow and unreliable. Most hotels will charge 2-5 CUCs per hour.
  7. What types of electrical outlets are there in Cuba?
    Most of the electrical Outlets in Cuba are a combination of 110 volts U.S.-style plugs and 220 volts European-style plugs. (When the electrical current is 220 volts, you will need a converter to decrease the voltage.) We recommend you bring a worldwide plug adapter, as you may find a variety of outlets.
  8. How much money should I bring?
    Please keep in mind your own spending habits when planning for your departure. We recommend a minimum of $300 per person to cover anything that is not on the itinerary, or miscellaneous tipping and other cost when away from the guide. If you plan too purchase artwork, alcohol, or tobacco products, please plan to bring additional funds.
  9. Will my credit card(s) work in Cuba?
    We advise you to check with your financial institutions and/or credit card company to determine whether they have established the necessary mechanisms for use of credit and debit cards in Cuba. We highly recommend that you bring all the money you anticipate needing, plus a bit extra in cash only (U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Canadian Dollars).
  10. What am I allowed to purchase and bring back to the U.S. from Cuba?
    Authorized travelers are permitted to bring back into the U.S. up to $400 worth of goods, products, souvenirs, and handcrafts for personal use. Alcohol and tobacco products cannot exceed the value of $100. There is no limit on the amount of artwork or informational materials.